About Us

Vanilla Bean Bakery Owner Linda Johnson

Vanilla Bean Bakery is an innovative cupcake and novelty cake bakery, based in Tullamore. We bake high-end cakes and cupcakes and everything is baked to order using the finest ingredients. We also use fresh fruits, excellent quality Madagascar vanilla, and Belgian chocolate and a high-quality fondant.

Our menu includes a wide variety of flavours, Belgian chocolate, rocky road, vanilla, lemon, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, red velvet, carrot, mint chocolate, orange chocolate, oreo, Ferrero, and lime and coconut to name a few, click here to see all our flavours. Vanilla Bean Bakery will also offer the customer the choice to theme their cake or cupcake.

It is important that our products not only taste delicious but also look appealing and attractive to the eye. Our cakes and cupcakes will delight the customer and make any celebration a moment to cherish.

We can provide a cake that is different, fun, colorful, a cake in the shape of a football or themed with your children’s favorite character. Vanilla Bean Bakery can provide cupcakes and cakes for birthdays, christenings, weddings and all your special occasions

Since 2014 Vanilla Bean Bakery has been one of the proud sponsors of the sugarcraft competitions at the Tullamore Show.


We are one of the premier suppliers of Wedding cakes in the midlands. See more information about our wedding cake here

At Vanilla Bean Bakery we also supply edible picture cake toppers that can be purchased through our online store here.

Our bakery is registered with the Environmental Health Executive of Ireland and HACCP Certified

Vanilla Bean Bakery is a member of the Offaly Delicious Food Network and a founding member of the Tullamore Food Fayre in Tullamore. However, we do not have a stand currently at the market.


Vanilla Bean Bakery Owner Linda Johnson

I am Linda Johnson, I have extensive experience working in the Hotel and Catering Industry, which gives me unique expertise to start and run the business. I have gained experience through the industry in kitchen and hygiene practices and as a manager for 20 years has the business experience to control costs, purchasing, scheduling, and a good knowledge of branding and sales and marketing of the business.

After being let go from the hotel industry in 2008, I did not know what I was going to do but I know it was a sign that this was the time to make a change “I baked a few cupcakes one day and to my surprise discovered they were actually very edible!”. I think I was always trying to find something creative to do as my Dad, Gabriel, Uncle Liam (Willie) and their father, Alphonsus (Pop) were all prominent painters and decorators in the town and it was always in me to be creative” And my Mum, Rose too always spoke about having her own little business and had always thought that we would have some little business Harbour Street, where I grew up. I didn’t even realize at this stage my business was starting there and then and I believe that my Mum is watching over me and that has helped make the business as successful as it is. After this, I went on to complete a number of baking, sugarcraft and chocolate courses with the Baking Academy of Ireland and has since won various awards for my cakes and cake decorating

In 2011 I won 1st prize for cupcakes at the Tullamore Show and 2nd prize for a novelty cake. In 2012 I won a gold medal for her entry in the Sugarcraft category at the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild competitions.

“Our cakes and cupcakes are chic, fun, and fabulous. I believe every day should have something a little special in it!”